Module Objectives
1. Recognize the purpose and function of furnaces.
2. List the components required for the combustion of fuels and types of fuels used in
3. Describe combustion in furnaces.
4. Identify sections and streams in a furnace.
5. Describe how heat exchange in furnaces works.
6. Identify the operating variables and control schemes for furnaces.
7. Explore different designs and applications of furnaces.
8. Recognize the purpose and function of boilers.
9. Differentiate saturated steam and superheated steam, and the relationship between
pressure and boiling point.
10. Describe steam generation in boilers.
11. Explore the different designs and applications of boilers.
12. Identify operating variables and main control schemes for boilers.
13. Explain steam letdown stations and steam distribution systems.

Module Introduction
This module provides information about furnaces and boilers. After completion of this module, you will be able to apply the basic functionality and operation principles of this equipment to industrial applications.

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