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Understanding yourself and those around you

Understanding your leadership style

Duration: 4 hours | Format: Virtual or Classroom

Understanding one another and why we act the way we do is an invaluable tool in all aspects of our professional as well as our personal lives. The foundation for success lies in understanding yourself and those around you. This course will help you recognize and most effectively utilize individual strengths in any situation you encounter.

☑     Learn how to recognize behavioral strengths of others and behavioral challenges
☑     Improve teamwork and learn how to minimize conflicts
☑     Deal with conflict effectively by learning adaptive behaviors
☑     Discover intrinsic motivations and how they are affected by someones dominant behavioral style.
☑     Develop strategies to meet diverse needs of others

Understanding Your Leadership Style

    • Lesson One – Personality Influences
    • Lesson Two – Johari Window
    • Lesson Three – DiSC Workplace Profile

Organizations looking to improve business relationships, strengthen leadership, and increase workplace satisfaction.

Essential knowledge and skills for leaders

Leadership Development

Duration: 5 Days | Format: Classroom

This course equips leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to understand each member of their team, build ownership, and conduct difficult conversations. It focuses on the mindset, skillset, and toolset every leader needs.

☑     Understand and develop your personal leadership style.
☑     Lead various work-styles by recognizing individual motivations and fears.
☑     Delegate and motivate without manipulation
☑     The basics of hiring, discipline and firing.
☑     Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes made when communicating
☑     Build individual and team effectiveness through demonstrating and instilling key workplace values and expectations.
☑     Conduct effective problem-solving discussions and efforts
☑     Use decision-making approaches based on the situations you encounter.
☑     Strengthen your mindset, toolset, and skillset to influence and lead better.

Leadership Development

    • Module One – Transitioning to the leader mindset
    • Module Two – Understanding Your Leadership Style
    • Module Three – Improving Communication
    • Module Four – Building Ownership
    • Module Five – Integrity
    • Module Six – Confidence, Initiative, and Commitment
    • Module Seven – Managing Conflict
    • Module Eight – Coaching, Counseling and Discipline
    • Module Nine – Managing the Work Environment
    • Module Ten – Problem Solving and Decision Making

All first level, mid-level, and emerging leaders. This is more than an introduction to leadership. It covers the essentials for all leaders at any level.

Sharpening your leadership skills

Refining Your Leadership

Duration: 5 days | Format: Classroom
*Prerequisite class required: Understanding your leadership style or Leadership Development

This course equips experienced leaders with deeper knowledge and skills to lead their team effectively in a variety of circumstances. Participants strengthen their ability to understand meaningful business value and how to deliver it through their team’s efforts. They learn effective change management principles and how to leverage simple tools to lead change efforts. Participants identify their personal style strengths and areas to “flex” their style when conducting efforts to create or align vision and execute plans.

☑     Gain a deep understanding of how to “show up” as a leader, depending on your team’s maturity or ability to function as a team.
☑     Strengthen your business acumen and deliver business objectives
☑     Leverage change management principles and tools
☑     Learn the importance of adjusting your style to foster better vision, alignment and execution of organizational targets and goals .

Refining Your Leadership

    • Module One – Improving Performance
    • Module Two – Leading Individuals and Teams
    • Module Three – Managing Change
    • Module Four – Achieving Business Objectives
    • Module Five – Leading through Communication
    • Module Six – The Work of Leaders Introduction (Vision, Alignment, Enabling, Execution)

Leaders who have participated in the Developing Leaders course or have extensive experience using essential leadership skills. This might include seasoned first line supervisors and mid-level managers.

Skills for Leadership Teams

Leading Leaders

Duration: 2 days | Format: Classroom
*Note: Interviews of Leadership team members required prior to workshop

Participants learn more about their individual leadership styles and the extent to which they may need to flex to effectively create a vision, align the organization and execute their plans.   Participants review themes from one-on-one interviews, discuss and agree on challenges and opportunities and review key leadership principles to address their challenges.  The leadership team collectively frames or reframes their priorities relative to creating vision, aligning, and executing their plans.

☑     Deep understanding of your personal leadership style

☑    Awareness of situations where your individual style may need to flex for higher effectiveness.

☑    Make specific plans to adjust your style appropriately.

☑    Shared understanding with other Leadership Team members of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization.

☑     Common perception of the strengths and weaknesses of the Leadership Team itself

☑     Application of key leadership principles to address organization and Leadership Team challenges.

☑     Collectively framed or re-framed Leadership Team priorities—particularly regarding the creation of clear vision, aligning the organization around that vision, and executing plans.


  • Interviews with each Leadership Team member and the Workshop Facilitator to gather individual perspectives on the strengths and challenges faced by the organization and the Leadership Team.

Leading Leaders

Module 1 – DiSC Profile – The Work of Leaders – Understanding your style and how it has natural strengths and challenges when doing the work of creating Vision, Alignment and Execution.

Module 2 – Vision – the drivers and the behaviors that impact creating a vision

Module 3 – Alignment – the drivers and behaviors that impact aligning the organization.

Module 4 – Execution – the drivers and behaviors that impact execution.

Module 5 – Action Planning – creating plans to leverage your strengths and manage the liabilities in your individual style to become a more effective leader

Module 6 – Addressing organization and leadership team challenges

Corporate leadership teams, site leadership teams, functional or project leadership teams.  Targeted to leaders who are charged with establishing direction, aligning the organization, and overseeing execution across multiple functions.


Business Objectives

What we are going to do and how we are going to get it done. Each of these elements is essential to the accomplishment of both individual leadership and company goals.

Our leadership model provides a road map of our leadership process.

At the core of the process are the business objectives.  This is to emphasize that everything you do as a company should contribute to the accomplishments of your business objectives.  Business objectives need to be identified at each level and within each unit of the company.  This includes, maintenance, operations, safety, environmental, human relations, reliability, and every other department or entity within the company.  This model can be used and analyzed whenever you are making decisions and directing activities that lead to the accomplishment of the business objectives.



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Leadership is needed today more than ever before. Organizations must proactively address and respond to changing market conditions. Leaders are the change agents of the organization and build commitment by setting and communicating a vision that inspires others to follow.


Personal leadership skills enable you to change you.  They lay the foundation of your capacity to lead others.  They include your integrity and initiative, basic communication skills, decision-making ability and personal style or approach to life.


Interpersonal leadership skills enable you to effectively influence other individuals.  These skills are the foundation for your capacity to lead teams.  They include your ability to listen, delegate, coach, and resolve conflict.  They enable you to discern and respond appropriately to the behaviors, temperaments, motivations, and opportunities of other people.


Organizational leadership skills enable you to lead a team or organization.  They help you create shared vision, align resources, and enable execution of a project or operating premise.  They include the ability to deal with confusing and competing priorities within and outside your organization.



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