In an age where information is ubiquitous, skilled employees are a company’s most valuable asset. Investing in developing your talent is vital to sustainable business growth and significant competitive advantage. As the business landscape evolves and becomes increasingly more competitive, improving your team’s performance is vital to staying ahead of your competition. Employee training and development is essential for the growth of your organization and the workforce that propels it.


All organizations, from large corporations to small businesses have productivity issues, many of which stem from skill gaps. PeopleCore has developed a variety of workshops to help you and your organization achieve and surpass the goals necessary to achieve your vision of the future. From entry level to senior management, we provide customized solutions to meet the demands of your unique organization. Our trainers present workshops designed to fill the skills gaps impeding your organization’s performance through interactive and energizing training. Workshop attendees learn lessons and practice skills that have immediate applicability. This provides attendees the motivation to begin increasing productivity and improve moral as soon as they return to work.

Our workshops focus on the concrete skills and ideas every successful organization must understand. Our performance improvement workshops range from one to five day events held in your organization or in an open-enrollment public format.

Creating value through the clear exchange of information and ideas.


Duration: 16 hours | Format: Classroom

Participants examine how value is created and lost through communication—and why few people communicate nearly as well as they are capable of. A workstyle survey, completed before the class, helps participants understand the ways they and others are likely to communicate, and helps them ensure meaningful conversations and productive outcomes.

☑     Explore the three levels of listening and learn to anticipate miscommunication.
☑     Enhance your ability to communicate effectively when discussing complex ideas.
☑     Learn how to leverage emotional intelligence and become a better collaborator
☑     Improve your ability to share Your strongest ideas, thoughts, and feelings in person, virtually, and in writing.
☑     Develop strategies to meet diverse needs of others

Effective Communication

    • Module 1 – Collecting Wisdom
    • Module 2 – Understanding and leveraging your own and other’s workstyles
    • Module 3 – Leveraging the Three Levels of Listening
    • Module 4 – It’s time we talk (Communicating strong thoughts and feelings)
    • Module 5 – Miscommunication in organizations
    • Module 6 – Excellence in Communication

Everyone can benefit significantly from this workshop—from executives to new employees.  The material and exercises help participants to step back and examine how they “show up” in the workplace and add value through their various forms and style of communication.

Influencing Others without a Title


Duration: 24 hours | Format: Virtual or Classroom

Leadership is influencing others to act when they have no obligation to do so. True leaders accomplish extraordinary things through others without needing a formal title or authority.

☑     Learn how to create influence by building relationships and getting results.
☑     Understand different personality styles and be able to flex their own style to build rapport with those they are influencing
☑     Be able to communicate in ways that motivate and inspire others to act for the good of the organization.
☑     Learn how to lead regardless of a title or level of formal authority.

Effective Communication

    • Module 1 – Leadership is Influence
    • Module 2 – Creating Influence
    • Module 3 – Communicating with InfluenceModule
    • 4 – Influencing with a Compelling Vision

Anyone who wants to influence others without relying on a title, position, breadth of responsibility, or level of authority (e.g. senior employees, committee chairs, team leads, project managers, supervisors, managers, directors, etc.)

Preparing Teams To Manage Crisis

Success in Critical Situations

Duration: 24 hours | Format: Virtual or Classroom

This intensive course is designed to provide individuals and teams the tools they need to better manage critical situations. The course begins by examining what a critical situation is and the psychology behind dealing with critical situations.

Team and individual exercises are used to reinforce the material presented throughout the course. It is a highly interactive workshop that is designed to not only teach the theory behind managing critical situations but also to help the participants relate the theory to situations they are faced with in their
everyday activities.

☑     The DiSC Profile® is used to help the participants better understand themselves and others.
☑     Learn the individual and team attributes needed to function effectively.
☑     Discover a critique process that enables you to affect future performance by learning from past performance.
☑     Learn how to recognize the symptoms of stress and manage stress in yourself and others.
☑     Establish, increase and maintain your situation awareness
☑     Recognize and break the error chain

Success in Critical Situations

    • Module 1 – What is Critical Situation Management
    • Module 2 – Dimensions in Behavior
    • Module 3 – Teamwork
    • Module 4 – Communication
    • Module 5 – Resolving Conflict
    • Module 6 – Recognizing and Dealing with Stress
    • Module 7 – Situation Awareness
    • Module 8 – Scenario Analysis

Most critical situations involve a team effort. These teams are not normally formal teams, but teams or task forces formed to deal with the situation. This course is designed for teams who work in stressful, intense and critical environments, and must understand teamwork and their responsibility to such a team.

Building Rewarding Business Relationships

Success In The Sandbox

Duration: 24 hours | Format: Virtual or Classroom

Are you satisfied with the quality of your business relationships?  Take the next step in strengthening your organization with Performance Solutions’ Success in the Sandbox course.  You’ll gain a better understanding of who your customers are and what they need from you.  You’ll learn how to improve your interactions with everyone around you, how to recover when things go wrong, and how to resolve the conflict that is bound to occur.

☑     Recognize who your customers are and what they are looking for
☑     Develop an understanding of other people’s motivations and behaviors
☑     Understand what role communication plays in the relationships you develop
☑     Mitigate conflict and turn potentially threatening situations into opportunities to strengthen your relationships

Success in The Sandbox

    • Module 1 – Business Relationships
    • Module 2 – Behavior and Perception
    • Module 3 – Communication
    • Module 4 – When Things Go Wrong
    • Module 5 – Resolving Conflict
    • Module 6 – A Call To Action

This course is ideal for customer service and customer care professionals looking to develop their business relationships and improve their “customer” experience.


Operator Technical Training

• New Hire Fundamentals
• Plant Operations

Because of inherent dangers and complexities within chemical and process facilities, it is critical that the employees responsible for operating and maintaining those facilities are exceptionally well trained. Companies must ensure that employees achieve a high level of performance, and have the knowledge, skill set, and mind set to safely and competently carry out their duties.

"Quality training is a key predictor of quality results."


PeopleCore Improves Effectiveness

Quality training is a key predictor of quality results. Keeping this principle front and center, PeopleCore not only improves your employees but the effectiveness of your training programs and leaders as well. Bringing you closer to the goal of high performing teams and productive individual contributors capable of working efficiently and well.

Practical And Focused

Our approach to instruction is practical and focused, and our tactics are sensitive to generational differences that might exist between millennial learners and incumbent team members. Specifics of our program are customized to address the particular and precise hurdles facing your team.


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