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At PeopleCore, we specialize in developing learning material that grows plant operators into competent troubleshooters and leaders.

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The State of the Industry

Approximately 50% of all disruptive incidents are caused by human error.

Compounding the problem is that Industrial manufacturing and process driven industries are currently undergoing a disruptive period of transition. As boomers retire and a new generation of engineers and plant operators enter the workforce, there is an increasing shortage of skills and expertise. Consequently, this ever-widening gap directly impacts long-term reliability and increases the potential for loss.

This has created a significant challenge for plant managers and process leadership because they now must develop plant operators and maintenance personnel into technical experts more quickly.

The vast majority of plant operator training continues to follow the conventional, narrow, and highly prescribed chalk and talk method. The problem with this approach to learning is it can take several years for an operator to reach even minimal desired performance. It is ineffective because it ignores the emotional, personal, and “human” attributes altogether. These human characteristics crave rousing emotion, participation, context and control by the learner. The creative and brilliant minds of PeopleCore recognized this and wanted to approach operator training in a completely different way.

Technical Training Material Designed for How People Learn 


PeopleCore’s approach to plant operator training focuses on results. We utilize instructional design principles to bridge the gap between knowledge and action. 

A hallmark of our plant operator training is its deeply immersive and highly visual nature. This helps operators absorb and enact the training because it is practical and applicable to them and their job.

The better trained and more familiar with the process your plant operators are, the safer and more reliably your facility will run. The result is successful employees who are more productive on the job – and it all starts with impactful plant operator training.


We achieve practical in part by focusing on the “why” and “how” in all of our plant operator training material. Operator training needs to stress the importance of an operator's role to the organization as a whole, as well as understanding the big picture.

Too often, traditional training is filled with theory that might be interesting but has no lasting value, so it doesn’t stick. However, if a trainee can immediately use the information in practice, their ability to access and recall information improves considerably.


The operator of the 21st century is a visual-based learner. If you want your plant operator training to have more impact, you need to appeal to the brain and how it receives and retains information. Scientific research has shown that our brains are uniquely wired to process visual data much more effectively than text. We utilize this understanding by creating graphic-centered training materials. As a result, operators learn faster, have improved comprehension, and are able to recall information more easily.


Implementation is where we see the majority of plant operators struggle. Historically,  operator training programs commonly utilize content that has been “reduced to writing,” assuming that excellent documentation will breed excellent behavior change – and results. This is not the case in the real world, where meaningful operator training and instruction is needed to transform documented intentions into reality.

PeopleCore will provide your company with the necessary support to deliver our learning material to your classroom. This includes tools such as our plant operator training guide, which is developed to provide structure for your operator training program. This document will guide operators through the material, and also serves as a sign-off sheet to document that they have completed each course. Additionally, our team will develop assessments that can be used to test knowledge and ensure retention. These tools, as well as PeopleCore’s team of coaches, can be utilized to create the best training structure for you.


Q. How does graphics-based material improve the operator training experience?

A. Graphics-based training reduces the size of materials, the energy to understand, and the time learn.  Images can be processed up to 60 times faster than words—and enable much longer retention.

Q. Why use PeopleCore's Plant Operator Training?

A. Our material is graphics-based and well structured!  A picture paints 1000 words.

Q. Is PeopleCore's plant operator training thorough?

A. Yes! And with our tier-structured learning approach, operators gain knowledge and understanding in small, easily remembered portions. 

Q. How is the learning material formatted?

A. Training material is delivered in pdf and Visio files. Instructor materials are delivered in Powerpoint and Word files.

Q. Does PeopleCore offer any Train-the-Trainer instruction or training?

A. Yes, PeopleCore offers a Train-the-Trainer course that can be taught in person or virtually for up to 12 participants at a time. We also have a complete master trainer certification course for those looking to become professional trainers.

Q. Which training methods can be used to deliver the plant operator training?

A.  There are multiple training methods that can be used or combined to effectively deliver PeopleCore's plant operator training, including:

  • Classroom Training (with PeopleCore or trained client Instructors)
  • Virtual Training (online through a conferencing platform)
  • Independent-Study
  • E-learning

Q. Is PeopleCore's plant operator Training generic?

A. No, in fact just the opposite! We closely collaborate with on-site SME's and use client-specific reference material to ensure that the training material applies to your specific location.

Q. Who develops the operator training material?

A. PeopleCore's team of master trainers, former operators, mechanical/electrical/chemical engineers, technical writers, and editors develop and review each module. 

Q. Does the curriculum include assessments?

A. Yes. Each module comes with “Knowledge Checks” after each section to ensure participants understand the material. In addition, our operator training has a separate PDF assessment to ensure learners can apply the key principles in each module before moving on.

Q. How does this operator training compare against your competitors?

A. There are two key differentiators for PeopleCore’s training material:

  1. High use of deliberate graphics enables faster learning, longer retention and better application.
  2. After developing engaging operator training materials, we work with you to train and coach your plant operators and operations team on intent, utilization, behaviors, and best practices. This vital step promotes operator competence and fosters a higher level of performance among supervisors and operators alike.



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We can help you achieve operational excellence.

Field Operator Training
Simply creating and distributing dense training manuals to your plant operators has little effect, regardless of the information inside. This isn't development of materials for the sake of documentation. These materials focus on job behavior and required competencies, jump-starting consistency, comprehension, and use.
Console Operator Training
Traditionally, console operator training material is unnecessarily dense, lumping “nice to know” info with lengthy explanations of why – leading to confusion and poor results among trainees. PeopleCore pivots from this tired tradition. With our streamlined, graphic-driven, deliberate materials, why” and “how” are clarified.
Leadership Training
PeopleCore is known for delivering training with the power to change individuals, organizations, and cultures. We believe learning more about one another, is the key to becoming more successful and building meaningful relationships. Companies achieve the best results when leaders influence, and employees are competent and engaged.
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