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PeopleCore’s exhaustive approach recognizes the complexities of your people, of your workplace dynamics, and of redirecting habits toward a preferred outcome. Through our people, we create world-class innovative solutions that will positively impact every industry.

"People are a company's core asset."

PeopleCore was founded in 2007, by Tom McDougal, on a simple concept: People are a company's core asset. Our values, products, and services are aligned for sustained development of personnel in three areas:
• Training and Development systems
• Performance Application
• Continuous improvement

It is the effective combination of these three elements that creates substantial, sustained change with our clients. Our practices in these areas have been shaped by our experience working as both consultants and clients, resulting in a fresh approach and practical solutions.

"Through our people we create world-class innovative solutions that positively impact every industry"

Traditional workplace training only gets as far as the symptoms of performance problems -

Not their root causes. It's an approach that's necessary, but not sufficient, therefore failing to take hold. At PeopleCore, we understand the complexities of your people, your workplace dynamics, and the importance of redirecting habits toward a preferred outcome. We focus on the following root causes of behavior and performance:

Root Causes of Behavior and Performance

√ Core Leadership = Doing the right things right
√ People Infrastructure = Systems and Procedures
√ Organizational Barriers = Authority and Environment
√ Habit = Rewards and Discipline
√ Skill = Ability and Knowledge
√ Will = Desire and Doubt
PeopleCore delivers the support, efficiency, and training you need to make your training and development initiatives successful
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