By creating a culture that rewards desired behavior, positive change takes hold – and measurable results materialize.

Successful Facilities Have This In Common

PeopleCore operates on one data-driven belief: That a company’s people are the core differentiator between it and the competition.  Not new equipment.  Not better IT.  People. Everything else is an asset, only as good as the humans behind it.

Today’s process industry has a personnel problem. Initiative lags, priorities and processes conflict, and frustrations abound. Contributing factors include truncated job training, people working one or two levels below their position, and misalignment between senior leadership and the front line.

Offering decades of experience in engineering and people performance systems, PeopleCore’s mission is clear: To help companies dramatically improve profit and outcome by optimizing people performance. It’s an approach that produces two key outcomes:

  • Change how people behave and perform on the job
  • Make sustainable, embedded changes to the culture that drives performance

By creating a culture that rewards desired behavior, positive change takes hold – and measurable results materialize.

How We Make Your People Better
(And Keep Them That Way)

PeopleCore is organized to create sustainable, repeatable, and quantifiable performance improvement in the following areas:

  • Material Development & Technical Services – get everyone on the same page by getting everything vital on paper, and in print.  We work with you to develop relevant training materials, procedures, work processes, job descriptions, and other technical documentation that solidify the way things are done.
  • Technical and Non-Technical Training – ensure and develop competence and capability across your team.
  • Performance Coaching – move your people from mere capability to desired behavior, helping them overcome internal and external barriers that training alone can’t outrun.
  • Culture Change – shape a sustainable workplace environment in which initiative is valued, calculated risks are rewarded, and drivers and barriers are minimized:

The Power of PeopleCore

Founded by longtime facilities performance leader Tom McDougal (Sunoco, TTS), PeopleCore’s expertise and experience offer an unrivaled understanding of manufacturing facilities – their pitfalls, potential, and proven methods of securing better people performance.

Our expertise is carefully customized to meet each client’s unique obstacles and desired outcomes. It spans each of the following business areas: