Become acclimated with basic equipment, reading process diagrams, process control, and process systems.


Our brain-friendly approach makes it easy for people to learn and recall information more naturally and successfully. 

PeopleCore's Basic Operator Training creates Operational Excellence

PeopleCore’s Basic Operator Training Course (BOT) bridges the gap between theory and practice. Participants will gain essential, fundamental knowledge of units, systems, equipment, process control, physics, chemistry, safety, and instrumentation needed to be successful in the energy and process industry. Our comprehensive BOT utilizes learning techniques proven to improve knowledge transfer, retention, and recollection in the REAL-WORLD. Our Basic Operator Training is deeply immersive. Participants are fully engaged and encouraged to use their own critical thinking and problem-solving skills throughout the entire experience. On average, operators who complete our BOT retain 75% more job critical knowledge and are 3x more likely to successfully and safely manage complex operations such as startups, shutdowns, and emergencies.     

Achieve and sustain a superior foundation for operational efficiency, reliability, and safety with PeopleCore's comprehensive Basic Operator Training Course

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What you get with your investment

You have invested countless hours and vast amounts of energy into perfecting and refining your process. You understand what needs to be done and how you should do it. The challenge? How do you transfer what you know to someone else?

We are known for our graphic-driven learning material and our exceptional approach to training delivery.  Just as you are the experts in what you do, we are experts in how people learn.  With our Basic Operator Training, your operators will not only learn your process, but they will understand it.  As a result, your operators will learn faster, retain more and have a greater ability to recall important information, even under stressful conditions.

Benefit 1
Graphic Driven and Designed for How People Learn 

What does graphic driven mean? The brain is wired to process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. For example, in e-Learning and the Science of Instruction, Ruth C. Clark and Richard E. Mayer write, “accompanying text-based instructions with a graphic improved students’ performance on a test by a median amount of 89%." Our learning material is heavy on visuals that improve comprehension and provide the learner with better learning transfer and recollection.

Benefit 2
Operator Qualification 

Unstructured OJT is the “follow Joe” method by which operators learn their role by following more experienced operators. It may feel like an efficient and effective way to train new operators, but operators trained by this inconsistent method take much longer to achieve high levels of competency than operators trained with structured training materials. Our structured BOT materials accelerate learning and ensure operators are trained to highest levels of competency in the shortest amount of time. 

Benefit 3
Developed by Engineers, SMEs, and Master Trainers

Basic Operator Training programs are typically designed by the resident subject matter expert, or engineer. This often results in an excess of irrelevant information that reads like a text-book or causes death by PowerPoint. Our BOT is designed by a collaborative team of engineers, SMEs, and master trainers. Engineers provide accurate information while SMEs provide insight and ensure the information is relevant to real life.  Master trainers optimize learning and retention.

Benefit 4
Learning is Immersive and Experiential 

Our BOT instructional materials are packed with experiential learning activities that ensure operators learn by doing instead of just listening or reading. These activities capitalize on the principles of adult learning, immerse the operators in their learning experience, and increase their retention as much as 95%. While some training courses use activities to break up the lecture, our experiential learning activities are the training, and lecture only fills in what isn’t taught by the activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of the common questions we have been asked.  We want to be a useful resource to you.  If you have a question, chances are someone else has the same question.  Please share your question with us so we can provide it here for everyone.   

Q.  How does graphics-based improve the training experience?

Q. How does this training compare to a community college PTEC curriculum?

Q. Is PeopleCore's BOT training thorough?

Q. Does the curriculum include assessments?

Q. Who developed the training?

Q. Are group or site-wide pricing options available?

Basic Operator Training Samples 

PeopleCore's Basic Operator Training (BOT) provides a unique and effective training solution that creates a firm foundation on which to build operator excellence. With our BOT, operators can learn anytime, anywhere, at their own pace or in a structured classroom setting with a qualified instructor. Whether you want to sharpen your operators' knowledge or are training new operators, we have courses to help you build a comprehensive curriculum.  Click on modules below to see examples of our graphic-driven training material.





INSTRUCTOR GUIDES: Enhance Learning Through Experiential and Immersive Tools and Techniques.  

Training Options

From independant study to group learning, virtual to live classroom sessions, we have several options to meet your needs and help you make your Basic Operator Training successful.  

Instructor Package

Recommended use:

Instructor Led Training  

Includes all B.O.T. modules, Instructor Guide, PowerPoint, Supplemental Documents (e.g. performance evaluations, forms, activity documents, etc.)

• B.O.T. Instructor Package (includes 1 B.O.T. complete course)

• Annual, lifetime and educational licenses available: Contact us for details

partnered LEARNING
Facilitated and Train-The-Trainer Options

Recommended use:

PeopleCore Partnered Training  

Facilitated Training:

• Virtual PeopleCore Facilitated B.O.T. Training

• Onsite PeopleCore Facilitated B.O.T. Training


• Virtual B.O.T. Train-The-Trainer

• Onsite B.O.T. Train-The-Trainer

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