Module Objectives
1. Identify the purpose of utility systems such as blowdown systems and flares, air
systems, wastewater collection and treatment systems, cooling water systems, and
boiler feed water generation systems.
2. Identify the most common types of relief devices and explain their function.
3. Name the parts of a blowdown system and describe how it works.
4. Describe the purpose and function of a flare.
5. Classify plant and instrument air, and explain the process of drying air to produce
instrument air.
6. List ways of wastewater collection and identify the main steps of a typical
wastewater treatment system for a chemical plant or refinery.
7. Examine the parts of a cooling water system, and describe how a cooling tower
8. Describe an example process of boiler feed water generation from river water.

Module Introduction

This training module is designed to provide the basic knowledge of the purpose and general function of common utility systems such as relief devices, blowdown systems, flares, plant and instrument air, cooling water, boiler feed water generation, and wastewater treatment.

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