Module Objectives
1. Describe the general purpose of industrial columns.
2. List important parts common to columns.
3. Explore the principles of stripping.
4. Explain the purpose, streams, and function of stripping columns.
5. Explore some basic principles of distillation.
6. Explain the purpose, streams, and general function of distillation columns.
7. Explore the principles of absorption.
8. Explain the purpose, streams, and general function of absorber columns.
9. List the operating variables of columns.
10. Identify which operating variables are commonly monitored in columns.
11. Describe how process variable deviations affect column operation.

Module Introduction
This training module is designed to provide you with the tools necessary to understand the fundamentals of common columns as they are used in the industry. This will enable you to recognize and understand the operation of these columns as part of a process unit.

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