Module Objectives
1. Explain Process Control as it applies to chemical process industries.
2. Distinguish between the different components of a process control loop.
3. Describe different types of sensors.
4. Identify the different types of final control elements.
5. Explain the purpose and major components of a Distributed Control System (DCS).
6. Describe different types of process control loops.
7. Locate control valve parts.
8. Distinguish between direct-acting and reverse-acting actuators.
9. Explain alarms and interlocks.

Module Introduction

A control system consists of a group of interconnected components that act together to satisfy a process control objective. The physical components that carry out these tasks include instrumentation such as measuring equipment, controllers, and final control elements. This training module is designed to provide you with the tools to understand the fundamentals of process control, common instruments, and control schemes so that you can maximize your input to the operation.

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