2. Basic Physics

Module Objectives
1. Summarize the objectives of physics
2. Recognize and describe selected physical properties of matter
3. For the discussed properties, list their symbols and units of measurement
4. Recognize and explain the different principles of heat exchange
5. Discuss when and how physical properties change
6. Describe and apply gas laws to practical examples
5. Recognize simple machines, such as levers and inclined planes
7. Explain the principles of fluid flows and how they apply to practical examples
8. Identify how the Law of Conservation of Energy applies when physical changes

Module Overview
The first chapter in this module introduces matter and identifies the differences between each state of matter. The most common physical properties of matter are explained, including how they are measured and which unit of measurement is commonly used. The second chapter takes a closer look at changes in physical properties, such as heating, cooling, fluid flow, and energy changes when using simple machines.

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