Pipeline Case Study

Each day, pipelines across the United States transport millions of barrels of oil. Transporting such high volumes of products involves careful planning, scheduling, controlling, and monitoring of daily operations. Pipeline controllers work from remote locations performing automated and discrete operations that require knowledge of pipeline systems, leak prevention, hydraulics, emergency responses, among other topics. When controllers are not prepared to take actions in emergency situations, errors can be made potentially leading to financial losses, environmental impacts, and potential health threats.





The leadership team at one of the largest pipeline companies in the U.S. discovered knowledge gaps between their retiring workforce and new controllers. To ensure the pipeline continued to operate safely and efficiently, the company committed to improve their training materials to capture the knowledge of their most senior and experienced controllers. In an effort to close the knowledge gap between their workforce, the leadership team reached out to PeopleCore for help.









Specializing in visual, interactive, and engaging training material, PeopleCore knew how to help. We began by spending time onsite, reviewing the existing training material. We collaborated with controllers and the Training Department to learn what they liked and what they didn’t like about their existing materials. PeopleCore’s training material developers gleaned information from the company’s original training material and experience from controllers, added to it from their own industry experience and creativity, and developed training materials that met the needs of all stakeholders. The Pipeline Company was impressed with their new training material. The controllers loved the visual appeal and engaging format and were proud of what they and PeopleCore had accomplished.



This case study focused, not only on capturing the knowledge of the retiring workforce, but also creating new and improved training materials for a large Pipeline Company. By recognizing the existing knowledge gaps between the retiring workforce and new controllers, the leadership at the Pipeline Company demonstrated the ability to adapt to their evolving workforce. The Company also recognized they couldn’t do it all themselves, and PeopleCore met their exact needs.

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