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Welcome to The PeopleCore’s 1st blog post!

Developing instructional material, writing procedures, strengthening leaders, and improving employee performance is what we are all about. Our blog is our way of not only keeping you up to date but keeping ourselves up to date as well! It’s basically a FREE refresher course!

Every day we comb through the web, podcasts, newspapers, and even those old-fashioned paper things called books, looking for new VALUABLE information. Information to help us and our clients change their culture. By building healthy and productive teams, engaging and motivating employees, strengthening and developing experienced and/or new leaders we can assist in changing your company’s culture into what you envision. Not only do we want you to learn – we want to learn too! We’re basically sharing our homework answers with you, except, thankfully, there isn’t a test tomorrow! 

At PeopleCore, we understand workplace training and development problems and want to provide you with up to date content related to creative solutions or against-the-norm points of view. Because as you know, not all businesses work the same way.  Some businesses thrive with the same advice and tools that would send the other guys out of business.

Our intent is to share information with this blog; ie: links to news, studies, videos, books, and other types of content that is related to building a strong and healthy workplace. Think of us as a conduit for #excitedtogotowork and #makingtheworkplacebetter information.  Speaking of better, we also want to use our blog to spotlight the innovators who have made their job and their workplace better in some way. Maybe they are doing something we’d like to implement into our courses? What did they do that worked so well & how could their strategy help your own business?

We know change can be difficult! You may be asked to do the exact opposite of what you thought would work and it is uncomfortable (like buying something from amazon with no reviews)! Being uncomfortable with change is NORMAL. Sometimes the strategy thought to be best is outdated. An example is most employers don’t let employees browse the internet on the clock. Seems to make sense, right? Videos of epic golf fails can’t be helping with productivity, right? A study published in the journal “Computers in Human Behavior” examined cyberloafing and has concluded that it can help workers cope with office boredom, workplace stress, and may be a better use of time than other (more harmful) forms of counterproductive work behaviors. We would love to hear your opinion on this and you can do so by leaving a comment below!


While you are waiting for some more extraordinary content, watch that golf video that reminds you of your water shot that ended in an involuntary swim. Then head over to our new website and check it out. There is more information on how we can help improve your people. Keep checking back for new blog content!


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