Make This One Change, Watch Staff Take Management More Seriously

We’ve all seen it: Outdated company materials that convey irrelevant or incorrect information. It’s a workplace hazard, and just as detrimentally, sends a dangerous message to employees: Because they’re never updated or implemented, words on paper must not matter here.

Out-of-date procedures (or procedures whose poor or inconsistent formatting scream, “We don’t have value!”) are a common organizational pitfall. They might at first seem benign, but actually open the floodgates to workplace hazards and hassles as well as dismissal among employees, who conscious or subconsciously notice that management doesn’t care enough to keep materials relevant.

Maintenance of procedural documentation tends to fall between the cracks, and never seem quite as important as other “fires” and operational needs. This is why PeopleCore developed specialized, in-house software that standardizes the formatting of your organization’s procedures, updating them as needed. It takes the work off of your hands and restores integrity to procedural standards – restoring dignity to authority in the process.


Compliance to Installing Wind Turbines

Understand the compliance required for installing wind turbines.

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