Better Trainers = Better Training

We help trainers create engaging, efficient, and effective learning experiences that optimize return on investment.

PeopleCore provides Train-the-Trainer Workshops to help trainers optimize return on investment


How important is training?

Better trainers equal better training. Period. A course may include ideal courseware, the perfect venue, and enthusiastic learners and fail if the trainer is ineffective. Conversely, a course that includes below average courseware, a less-than-ideal venue, and lukewarm learners can be extraordinarily successful if the trainer is extraordinary.

Extraordinary trainers go beyond developing employees’ knowledge and skills; they increase employee buy-in, motivation and ownership. They do more than score well on class participant feedback forms; they ensure the participants retain what they learned, apply the learning on-the-job, and impact the success of the organization.

Extraordinary trainers aren’t born, they’re made. Training is a skill just like any other and must be learned, practiced, and perfected. The best trainers are those who have been trained and coached by extraordinary trainers.

PeopleCore’s trainers have conducted hundreds of courses and trained thousands of learners.  Through their experience, they have polished presentation skills and are well-equipped to help good trainers become great trainers.

Train-the-Trainer Workshops

PeopleCore offers a variety of workshops to help trainers hone their skills and our Master Trainer Certification helps trainers master all aspects of the learning environment.
Master Trainer Certification Workshops
Prepare trainers in every aspect of the training process. This Master Trainer Workshop takes participants through all the phases of training delivery, from preparation to presentation, communication, facilitation, and evaluation.

Master Trainer Certification Workshops

Principles of Instruction

Principles of Instruction

Learning and development professionals will understand the foundational principles of learning. Principles of Instruction is the introductory Master Trainer course and the prerequisite for the other Master Trainer courses.
Conducting Classroom Training

Conducting Classroom Training

Whether you are a new trainer looking to learn the tricks of the trade or a veteran trainer looking for new ideas, this workshop gives you a toolbox full of useful training skills and tools.
(OJT) On-The-Job-Training

(OJT) On-The-Job-Training

80 – 90% of employee training is on-the-job training. The course helps learning and development professionals learn to structure on-the-job training to increase its efficiency and effectiveness.
Certified Course Developer

Certified Course Developer

Training success relies on quality learning material. In this workshop, you will gain valuable insight into developing materials effective in achieving your training objectives.
DiSC Facilitation


Understanding one another and why we act the way we do is an invaluable tool in all aspects of our professional as well as our personal lives. The DiSC® Personal Profile System® helps provide you the critical insight you need. The DiSC® system is a part of many of the workshops provided by PeopleCore. Organizations who fully utilize the power of the DiSC® system enjoy improved business relationships, higher levels of leadership, and increases in workplace satisfaction.

DiSC Facilitation


A foundation for success lies in understanding yourself and those around you. Successful individuals recognize the affect they have on others. The DiSC® system helps you to recognize how to most effectively utilize individual strengths in any situation you encounter.

In this training you will:

  • Discover behavioral strengths and areas for improvement
  • Learn to respect and value the strengths of others
  • Deal with conflict effectively by learning adaptive behaviors
  • Improve teamwork and learn how to minimize conflicts
  • Develop strategies to meet diverse needs of others
  • Improve communication
  • Increase sales and understand prospects, and clients
  • Improve business relationships
  • Manage conflict and reduce stress
  • Cultivate essential leadership skills

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