Technical & Non- Technical Training

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Our Approach

Valued employees don’t just do the job right – they treat supervisors, subordinates and peers right, too. Applying equal value to the two, PeopleCore’s Technical and Non-Technical Training develops competence and capability in the following areas:

  • Technical: plant operations, new hire fundamentals, and PSM
  • Non-technical: personal, interpersonal skills, leadership, and team building
  • Implementation of training systems

Implementation is where we see the majority of our clients flailing.  Training programs commonly utilize content that has been “reduced to writing,” with organizations assuming that excellent documentation will breed excellent behavior change – and results.  This is not the case in the real world, where pointed training and instruction are needed to transform documented intentions into reality.

Practically speaking, the PeopleCore difference is found in our ability to bring documentation and directives to life, transforming ideals into improved performance and interpersonal awareness.

These lessons aren’t absorbed off of paper alone.  PeopleCore training takes place on-site, on the job, for immediate application and takeaway.

Our technical training is intuitive, graphically driven, and pragmatic, guaranteeing results.

Our non-technical training is stripped of academic largesse that’s common among this material. It is organized to be intuitive so learners internalize meaning and find application on the job as a natural extension of the training.

All of PeopleCore’s training, technical and non-technical, is modular, so it can be utilized in a wide range of applications – from a targeted topic to an overall program. Our training can also be delivered through a variety of methods – including classroom, on-the-job, remote-virtual, and self-pace on-demand – as requested.


PeopleCore’s Technical Training

Technical training focuses on specific knowledge and skills essential to the petrochemical industry. Our instructors have worked in petrochemical and also have extensive experience in training, which ensures practical application and establishes rapport.

We achieve practical in part by focusing on the ‘why’ with the ‘how’ in all of our technical training tactics. Our audiences typically include new hire and incumbent operators as well as maintenance craft workers, engineers, and supervisors.

What We Offer

  • New hire operations, maintenance, and engineering training
  • Common operator training such as equipment, process flow and technology, process control, and troubleshooting
  • Common maintenance training such equipment, process overview, and troubleshooting
  • Customized, site-specific operator and maintenance training
  • Engineering practical application and integration with operations and maintenance
  • Safe work practices
  • Process Safety Management elements and programs

PeopleCore’s Non-Technical Training

Non-technical training focuses on personal, interpersonal, team building, and leadership skills. It’s training that’s especially crucial today, as employees across generations bring different expectations related to technology, communication, and workplace decorum.

PeopleCore’s approach is uniquely designed and delivered to be personal to the learner because it involves individual customization. This helps learners absorb and enact the training, because it is practical and applicable to them and their job.

What We Offer

Non-technical training focuses on the following areas:

  • Supervisor training
  • Leadership and management training
  • Team Building
  • Interpersonal skills and employee development

Some of the training we offer includes:

  • Performance management
  • Time management
  • Conflict management
  • Working and Communicating Effectively With Others
  • 363 For Leaders and Strategy Plan
  • Certified Wiley products

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PeopleCore’s Training Systems

Our training systems pass the baton to you, showing your leadership how to develop and implement long-term training management systems. Such systems are critical to an organization’s business results because they ensure consistency, fit-for-purpose, and compliance even as personnel changes and your company evolves.

PeopleCore’s approach to training systems is similar to all of our work: Make it effective by making it practical. Unnecessary academia or other ‘nice-to-know’ information has no place in this performance-based training model.

Our method develops practical approaches for training work processes, policies, procedures, and organizational structure. It also guides you in the development of training curricula and implementation of your training system.

What We Offer

All training system services apply to technical and non-technical training.

  • Train-the-trainer for group and on-the-job training
  • Training curriculum development
  • Training system development addressing system components for analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation
  • Training and coaching on implementation of PeopleCore training materials
  • Training and coaching for improved training program effectiveness
  • Training and coaching for improved procedure program effectiveness

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