Performance Coaching

The Key to Long-Lasting Personnel Improvement

Our Approach

When we meet clients for the first time, they’re often dismayed by previous training initiatives that made little change to people performance – or business results. Here’s why:

While traditional training increases employee capability, it rarely makes sustainable changes to behavior.

Behavior is a complex matter, affected by far-reaching, deeply embedded drivers and obstacles. More than we realize, humans respond to cues that quietly enforce everything from energy levels to risk-taking to our willingness to go against the grain. Particularly in workplaces where apathy, confusion, worry, uncertainty, or simple habit have taken hold, defense mechanisms set in – and changing behavior is an intricate undertaking.

Cue PeopleCore’s performance coaching.  Our proven approach carefully assesses your unique team and challenges, then introduces hands-on field coaching that works reinforces drivers and works through barriers to behavior.

All the while, we reinforce drivers – those influences that encourage desired results.


On-Site Coaching By Industry Alum

Our Performance Coaches have years of experience working in petro-chem facilities, so they not only understand the issues facing our customers – they’ve lived it.

Performance Coaches work with our customers on their job – not in a classroom – to ensure that guidance is immediately applicable to the circumstances of the person and the position.

Performance coaching isn’t limited to employees whose performance needs a boost. In a strategy called Vertical Coaching ®, it also engages supervisors and peers who work directly or indirectly with target individuals, dramatically increasing the sustainability of coaching results.

Performance Coaching follows a systematic process of:

  • Gathering evidence
  • Analysis
  • Coaching feedback

All coaching activities are recorded and driven by our PeopleCore Coaching Software, which reports and correlates business results to behavior, and provides documentation and performance data for all coaching efforts.

What We Offer

  • Establishment of organizational and individual performance coaching scope
  • Establishment of organizational and individual performance metrics for accountability
  • Utilization of PeopleCore’s proprietary Coaching software for performance coaching documentation and reporting
  • Field coaching with individuals and teams
  • Vertical Coaching ®
  • Senior Leadership and executive coaching
  • Individual and team accountability and performance engagements
  • Senior leadership accountability and performance engagements
  • Training, coaching, and transition activities for self-sustaining client performance coaching

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