Material Development & Technical Services

Turn Principles and Procedures into Stronger Team Performance

Our Approach

Simply creating and distributing dense training manuals has little effect, regardless of the information inside. With this common pitfall in mind, PeopleCore’s Material Development & Technical Services provide:

  • Technical training, material development, and implementation
  • Procedure development, startup and related support, and implementation
  • Work process and job profile development and implementation

This isn’t development of materials for the sake of documentation. Using our outcome-oriented approach, PeopleCore collaborates closely with clients to customize actionable training material, procedures, work processes, job descriptions, and other technical documentation. These materials focus on job behavior and required competencies, jump-starting consistency, comprehension and use.


Results-Oriented, Easy-to-Remember Training Materials

Traditional training materials are often unnecessarily dense, lumping ‘nice to know’ info with lengthy explanations of why – leading to confusion and poor results among trainees.

PeopleCore pivots from this tired tradition. In our streamlined, graphic-driven, intuitive materials, “why” and “how” are clarified, helping to grow trainees into competent troubleshooters and leaders able to identify the difference for themselves – and their teams.

The key differentiator of PeopleCore’s approach, though, is our accompanying implementation process. After developing superior materials, we work with you to train and coach personnel on intent, utilization, behaviors, and practices that enhance and deliver competency assurance among direct users as well as supervisors.

Procedure Systems That Work

Procedures specify how tasks are executed, and are crucial to effective employee training.  However, when the systems supporting procedures break down, procedures become invalid and aren’t used in the field.  PeopleCore’s approach to procedures addresses one, some, or all of these common procedure system problem areas:

PeopleCore’s modular approach to procedures addresses one, more or all of these common procedural problem areas:

  • Inconsistency across management systems and expectations related to procedure development, use, storage and access, and maintenance (updates, review, recertification).
  • Flawed grammar and inconsistent terminology, which can impede effective use
  • Implementation and use of procedures
  • Management of procedures
  • Integration of training and written materials

Work Process and Job Profile Development

No department – or employee – is an island.  Each one relies on and affects the people and workflows around them.  Problems arise, then, when work execution crosses into other managers’ territory, or when managers put on blinders and focus exclusively on their department – to the detriment of interdepartmental progress.

PeopleCore’s work process development specifies how work is performed across functional lines and within teams, creating well-defined boundaries and, ultimately, a well-oiled machine.

Our approach to improving our customers’ work processes typically involves one or more of the following:

  • Facilitate and specify desired outcomes and constraints
  • Train how to develop all work process content
  • Develop work process content
  • Train and coach on work process implementation

Collectively, training, procedures, and work processes arm clients with the necessary tools for alignment and consistency, leading to optimized people performance.

What We Offer

  • Training programs: development and implementation of materials, training management systems, and training program tools for operations, maintenance, and engineering
  • Procedures: development and implementation of procedures, procedures management( including non-technical and technical work), and procedure program tools
  • Work processes: development and implementation of work processes, supporting procedures, and job profiles for operations, maintenance, safety, and other work
  • Process Safety Management: development and implementation of programs or specific elements, processes, procedures, and support
  • Other technical services work: pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup support; development and implementation of Safe Work Practices, best practices and compliance audits

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