Culture Change

Create and Maintain a Workplace that Brings Out the Best in Your People

Our Approach

Culture change is a long-term endeavor that is crucial to making improvements – and positive business results – “stick.” From overt resistance to a tendency toward comfort zones, the obstacles facing culture change are steep, but are regularly surpassed by PeopleCore’s tenacity and expertise.

In very broad strokes, the work of culture change involves the following:

  • Determining differences between the desired culture and the one that currently exists
  • Engaging and listening to the organization, making changes necessary to accommodate the existing culture while achieving the desired environment
  • Making forward-leaning changes that usher in the desired results, which includes shifts in senior leadership thinking and behavior.

These efforts need to take place over the long term; otherwise, a company’s people might see each initiative as a ‘program of the month’ that can be waited out or simply ignored. As past PeopleCore clients can attest, though, the returns of culture change make it worth the wait!

Our customized approach is anything but ‘cookie-cutter,’ but neither are its seismic, business-boosting results. This work is advisory and nuanced in nature, building on transition work completed in Performance Coaching, and designed to ensure ownership and sustainability. It is only performed by Senior Consultants with years of experience in petrochemical manufacturing, successful senior leadership experience, and expertise in our approach.

The result? Your company flourishes as PeopleCore slowly dials back its involvement, ultimately leaving you with a sustainable and thriving workplace.


What We Offer

  • Assessment of existing culture
  • Collaborative development of desired culture
  • Culture plan development
  • Ongoing training or coaching as appropriate
  • Coaching and advising of Senior Leadership
  • Health checks

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